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Vitebsk state manufacturing forestry organization
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  GLHU«Lepelsky forestry enterprise» of the Vitebsk state industrial forestry association was formed in August, 1936, it is located in a south-eastern part of Vitebsk region on  the territory of Lepelsky, Sennesky, Chashniksky administrative areas. 



Office building of GLHU«Lepelsky forestry enterprise» is situated in Lepel, 110 km from the regional center Vitebsk.

     The extension of the territory of forestry enterprise is 60 km from north to south and  75 km. from west to  east.

     According to the forest site  zone division of the territory of the Republic, the forests of  GLHU«Lepelsky forestry enterprise» belong to a subzone of broad-leaved spruce forests of Western-Dwin forest site area of the Polotsk complex of forestlands.

     The area of wood fund as of 01.01.2011 covers 93023 hectares, 82694 hectares from which are covered with wood.     

Forests of Ist group cover 62216 hectares., IInd groups – 56807 hectares. The general stock of stands is 16037 thousand cu.m., including final stands – 2287 thousand cu.m.

     Young growths occupy the territory of 16629 hectares., middle-aged – 38114 hectares., ripenening – 18903 hectares., final and overmature stands – 9048 hectares.

    As woods are government-owned, the Lepelsky forestry enterprise carries out a forestry activity on the basis of operational management.

     The industrial structure of the enterprise is formed by 8 forestries: Zaozersky, Stajsky, Slabodsky, Volosovichsky, Kamensk, Krasnoluksky, Kashchinsky, Staroselskoe.   

Nature and climatic conditions are favorable for growth of coniferous and softwooded broad-leaved  species. The basic forest forming species of woods of forestry enterprise are: a fir-tree, a pine, a birch and an aspen.

     In its economic activity the forestry enterprise carries out all kinds of forestry works (forest regeneration, forest protection and conservation, forest felling), and also forest felling for industrial activity. Execution of  work, financed from the budget (forestry activity), and also fulfillment of self-supporting activity makes a flair impact on enterprise work.



The main directions and kinds of activities of the forestry enterprise:


• forestry — includes the organization of forest management, directed on an effective utilization of wood resources, protection, preservation and reproduction of woods; preservation and creation of highly productive, biologically persistant woods on the designated areas and the wood fauna which activity is carried out at the expense of budgetary funds and income from foresrty activity.

• commercial (self-supporting) — includes development of the timber cutting fund, removal of timber from forests to the industrial warehouses or other warehouses of consumers, for need satisfaction of the internal and external markets, and also development of miner forest use and storage of secondary forest resources.

                The main direction in an industrial production remains a wood procurement, its logging and removal.

The products of the forestry enterprise which bring a direct income, are divided into groups:

• round timber;

• firewood;

• sawnwood

Administrative structure of the forestry enterprise


Name of a forestry

Total area,


Total storage,



9 542

9 853


8 634

6 482


12 442

11 364


14 002

11 958


11 589

14 523


14 675

6 083


11 137

17 640


11 002

12 943

Total in the  forestry enterprise 

93 023

90 876

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